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Welcome to Day 16 of Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Festive Countdown! Today we’re featuring authors Kallysten & Sabrina Sable! Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what new goodies we have in store for you! Out of the Box (Complete Series) by Kallysten Price: .99 cents Available: From today till December 31st Prize: 3 Winners get their choice of any ebook, audiobook or paperback of mine! How To Enter:Sign up for my newsletter! Click here to sign up. “For vampire Anando, On The Edge is the perfect hunting ground: the dancing club prides itself for being a place where vampires and humans can socialize openly and safely, and Anando’s sex appeal means he never goes hungry… or lonely. The first time he meets Virginia, a young woman curious about what a night in a vampire’s arms would be like, he’s more than willing to oblige her. Her eagerness to try out something new in bed intrigues him, and when she comes back to the club, he’s happy to invite her to try a different game—to choose a different toy from his collection. Over the next few months, every time she returns, he continues to stretch her imagination and the boundaries she tries to set on their relationship. Soon, though, Anando’s own limits are tested as much as Virginia’s when their sexual encounters give way to feelings neither of them expected…” A Touch Of Spring: Spellbound Series Book 1 by Sabrina Sable Price: Free! Available: Today Only! “Jane holds her own […]

Festive Countdown Day 16 Featuring Kallysten & Sabrina Sable!

complete me by kristen strassel
Love letters from your favorite romance heroes! Do you ever read a romance novel and wish you could revisit your favorite couples to see how they’re doing? Well, now is your chance! Take a look at the beautiful love letters from our sexiest heroes to their sweethearts!   Chandra, my love, I was ready to die before you came to me. Everything changes just before it happens. The overwhelming pain slips away, and it’s replaced by an clarity that’s surreal. You can see everything in that moment. Our creator gives us a chance to make peace with all that’s happened before, and what’s to come. Something lifted me out of the abyss. I knew I’d gone to the next place, but instead a voice in my head said, hey, idiot. Pay attention. She’s here. It took everything I had to open my eyes, and at first I was disappointed I was still in my living room. I’d been ready for whatever was coming next. Now I know I was ready for you. I’d done some horrible things, just to survive. You understand that now. But you gave me a reason to live. To thrive. To be all the things I swore I’d been fighting for all along. A better wolf, a better man. A reason to strive for the impossible, because you were the thing I was never supposed to have. You proved everyone wrong, Chandra. We’ve fought different battles to get to this place, but our souls were always […]

Love Letters from your Favorite Romance Heroes Featuring Authors Kristen Strassel, Rachel Leigh Smith, & Kallysten

quicksilver codex book 1 by kally sten
We’re very excited to have author Kally Sten with us today! You might recognize her from her QuickSilver Codex, Ward of the Vampire, The Demon’s Age, Special Enforcers, On the Edge, and The Pact series, as well as numerous single titles she has available for your reading pleasure. Welcome, Kally. If you have any questions, or would like to make a comment, please feel free to do so. We love author/reader interaction here! And remember, you can subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar to the right to receive any updates to our site. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m French but I’ve been living in the US for almost 15 years. I wrote my first short story when I was fourteen, and it probably borrowed enough from Star Wars that copyright lawyers would have rubbed their hands together gleefully if I’d shown it to more than a few friends! And as I’m typing this I have a six weeks old little elf on my lap wondering why I’m looking at the computer rather than giving her the worship she is due! How many books have you written, and which one is your favorite? I just went to my site to check and it’s either 44 or 57 depending on whether I count the serials as one book or separate installments. Part of me wants to say of course I don’t have favorites, I love all my characters equally but… Shhh… don’t tell anyone but Out of the […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Kally Sten