Katie Salidas

new paranormal romance book - saving his dragon by elianne adams
Here are this week’s Featured New Releases! You can learn more about these Featured New Releases by subscribing to the Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Newsletter which also includes an excerpt from each Featured New Release title! Enjoy this excerpt from Saving His Dragon! The room was silent. Surely, if he’d come back already, he would have turned the TV on. She waited a few more seconds just to be sure. Nope. Nothing. Wrapping a towel around her, she opened the door and peered into what she could see of the room before dashing out. She made it around the corner before noticing two things. One, his shoes were sitting by the door, and two, she was heading straight for a collision with Austin, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. “Woah,” he said as his arms shot out to steady her just as she crashed into his chest. In an instant, her whole body heated from the inside out. His scent curled around her as the wave hit, making her breath catch in her throat. She took a quick step back, only to come closer again as the towel she’d wrapped around herself fell at her feet. Ignoring the fact that her now naked breasts brushed against his chest—as well as his corresponding moan—she reached down, snatched the towel from the floor, then covered her front with it. Crap. Could she be any clumsier? She took a couple of steadying breaths before looking up at him. Austin’s face […]

Featured New Releases from Elianne Adams and Katie Salidas!