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Here are this week’s Featured New Releases! You can learn more about these Featured New Releases by subscribing to the Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Newsletter which also includes an excerpt from each Featured New Release title! Enjoy this excerpt from Selenium Night! His body froze as he heard a car coming and muttered a curse as he instantly saw it was a police car. Sinking back between the shadows of the brick building they were next to, he pulled Maddie with him. He looped his arm across her waist, pressing her back against him. “What the—” Maddie breathed. “Shhh. The cops were called in.” “Good.” She started to wiggle from him. “I have a bone to pick with that owner.” He pulled her back into the shadows against him. “No you don’t. Chances are we’re the bad guys, not him.” “I didn’t do anything!” Maddie lowered her voice. “Shh—” Aidan warned as they watched the lone cop ease out of his cruiser and paused to look around suspiciously, spotting his light in different patches of darkness. When he shined his light inches from Maddie, she scooted a step back in haste. Aidan quietly hissed as her heel dug into his shoe. Instantly, she raised her foot, sucking in a breath as if it pained her more than it pained him. It really didn’t. Maddie looked up and mouthed “sorry” as the cop continued to walk into the bar. Embarrassed, she glanced down at Aidan’s well toned arm encircled her like the […]

Featured New Releases from Kharma Kelley and T.S. Ryder!

paranormal romance book - selenium night
At the beginning of each month, we will inform you of upcoming paranormal romance titles which are available for pre-ordering! Some of the benefits of pre-ordering titles is you don’t have to keep tabs on when a particular title you’re interested in comes out because it’ll automatically be available to you when it does, some authors offer discounted pricing for pre-orders, and it does help the author themselves from a marketing standpoint. Authors- if you have a book coming out in the near future and would like to see it included in an upcoming Pre-Order post, just visit our Advertise on PNR page ( to find out how!

Paranormal Romance Pre-Orders for July 2017 from Kharma Kelley and Mary Abshire

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This interview is part of our Paranormal Romance Author series of interviews where we interview some of today’s top paranormal romance authors! Be sure to check out our past Paranormal Romance Author interviews to learn more about various authors working in this growing genre! Today we have an interview with Kharma Kelley, an up-and-coming paranormal author who recently released her first paranormal romance thriller, Tall, Dark & Deadly. Tall, Dark & Deadly is the first book of her Agents of The Bureau series. And be on the look out this year for further titles in her Agents of the Bureau series as well as new series, ShadowShifter. In this interview, Kharma talks to us about her beginnings as an author of erotic fiction, how WattPad has influenced her as a writer, about her favorite paranormal romance books, her new book and series, and treats us to a steamy excerpt from her latest release, Tall, Dark & Deadly! For those who are new to you and your work, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Sure! I was born and raised in Texas to a pair of Cajun parents. I was a Tomboy growing up, despite my Dad trying so hard to keep me a lady. Now my husband still fights that battle LOL. I’ve been writing fiction since I was 13 and after my much older friend smuggled me some romance books, I was smitten. I fell in love with romance and urban fantasies and it keeps me […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Kharma Kelley