Lashell Collins

Lashell Collins 2
Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Lashell Collins, author of the Paranormal Trilogy, Lunar Falls, as well as romantic suspense series, The Kelly Family, and the Rockstar romance series, Jagged Ivory! If you have any questions, or would like to leave a comment, for Lashell, please feel free to do so. We love author/reader interaction here! And remember, to subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar to the right to receive first-hand news about special promotions and great deals in your inbox. Welcome to PNRLovers, Lashell.   Tell us about yourself.   Haha! Well, that’s a really broad question! Let’s see, I’m sort of a geeky, quirky, laid back kind of girl. I’m married to a retired cop who acts as my technical consultant on all of my cop-related romantic suspense stories. Most notably, I take his old work stories and turn them into storylines for my ongoing Kelly Family series. If you haven’t read it, the Kelly Family is about a large family of police officers, and their journeys to true love and happiness. I get a lot of compliments from readers on how real the stories seem, and how well they seem to be researched, and that’s because I take advantage of my husband’s expertise  in the field of police work. I’m a bit of a science fiction nut. I’m a HUGE Star Trek fan. I love Star Wars. In fact, I’m one of those people who totally does not get the controversy over which one is better. To me, they […]

Interview with Author Lashell Collins