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This week, we have an interview with author Leah Kirk whose work includes The Prophecy series and stories in various sci-fi paranormal romance box sets. In this interview, she talks about what inspired her to become a writer, why she finds romanctic scenes to be the toughest to write, what she has planned for the future, and much more! Please tell us about yourself. Hi, I’m Lea Kirk. For those of you wondering, it is pronounced Lee, not Leah. (Like sea, tea, pea.) My first love is Science Fiction Romance, although almost anything in Paranormal appeals to me (especially Dragon Shape Shifters). Currently I am working on a Sci-fi Romance series called The Prophecy Series, for which I have written two novels already: Prophecy and Salvation. The third book, Collision, will be out in 2017. There are also two short stories set in the Prophecy universe available, All of Me, and Space Ranger. Space Ranger is currently part of the Pets in Space anthology. On a personal note, could you tell us a story (or some random fun facts) about you that we wouldn’t otherwise know? This is a difficult one because I’m a pretty open person. But, most people don’t know that I spent the majority of my childhood in Japan (military family). My heroine from Salvation, Sakura Yamata, is a tribute to my younger years. Her name means cherry blossom, and I spent a lot of time every spring climbing in the blooming cherry trees on base. We […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Lea Kirk