Midika Crane

paranormal romance book - the alpha series boxed set
Here are this week’s Featured New Releases! You can learn more about these Featured New Releases by subscribing to the Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Newsletter which also includes an excerpt from each Featured New Release title! Here is an excerpt from The Alpha Series Boxed Set: I get out of the shower, turning the water off after me. As I wrap my towel around my body, I try to dismiss all paranoid thoughts. The shadow was probably just a figment of my imagination. I am known to have a strong one. Kaden really isn’t someone who usually influences my nightmares. I’m fully aware of the threat he poses to me and my family, but I can’t bring myself to fear him in normal circumstances. Yet today, for some reason, the chill dancing down my spine confounds my assumptions. Wearing just my towel, I stand in front of the mirror and inspect myself. My hair looks brown when it is wet, but it is actually a muted blonde. I look pretty much like every other Purity Pack member. My blue eyes are duller than most people’s maybe. My skin is paler, and my cheeks have hardly any color at all. These must be the reasons why no boy has wanted to date me. There are always better options. I still love myself, though. I have no other choice. A loud crash of thunder from outside makes me squeal with fright. I thank the Moon Goddess that the curtains block out the full […]

Featured New Releases from Midika Crane and Anna Lowe!