Milly Taiden

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Milly Taiden has joined forces with some of today’s most popular Paranormal Romance authors to create the hot Sassy Ever After series! The Sassy Ever After series is part of the Kindle World brand and has just released fourteen titles. Each title links to the popular Sassy Mates series created and written by Milly Taiden. Below are the first books released in the Sassy Ever After series:

Discover Sassy Ever After Series Based On Milly Taiden’s Sassy Mates!

Get your copy at: Amazon Oh My Roared (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 12) by Milly Taiden Francesca Virgata wants a mate. She longs for the perfect kind of love her parents had. There’s only one problem, she has zero prospects. Thankfully, she’s heard of Gerri Wilder who promises to make all her mating dreams come true. Theo and Marcus are best friends and share everything, even women. So when they both fall for Francesca, it’s only natural they have a friendly competition over who can get the girl. After some thought, and a hot little interlude, they realize she shouldn’t choose one over the other, they should work together to make the perfect triad. A lion, a tiger and a bear, oh my! There has been talk of abuse in Francesca’s pride and she won’t tolerate it. She’ll fight tooth and claw to ensure all members are safe. But when her brother turns on her, who will protect her? Theo and Marcus will do anything for her, but it might be easier to let them both go than to choose only one of the men she’s come to love. ***You don’t have to read any of the other books in the series to read this one. It’s 100% standalone*** Reader’s Note: This book is dirty. Very very dirty. It has bad bad language and a lot of hot sex. There’s sarcasm, fighting and one sharp tigress who can’t choose between a hot lion and a cuddly bear. Maybe she doesn’t […]

New Paranormal Romance Release: Oh My Roared by Milly Taiden