Monica La Porta

This interview is part of our Paranormal Romance Author series of interviews where we interview some of today’s top paranormal romance authors! Be sure to check out our past Paranormal Romance Author interviews to learn more about various authors working in this growing genre! This week, we have the highly-talented Monica La Porta, author of the popular The Fifth Moon’s Tales and The Immortals series in addition to contributing to various series by some of today’s top paranormal romance authors. Her most recent release, Bound by Water, is part of the popular Zodiac Shifters series. Earlier this year, she was part of the fan-favorite Blood Courtesans series of books (created by author Michelle Fox) with her entry, Desired. In this interview, Monica discusses her early work, a dystopian series, to her most current release, Bound By Water as part of the multi-author Zodiac Shifters and her other paranormal romance work in between. We also touch on how her belief in non-violence influences her work and much more!   Despite having a large back catalogue, there might be some readers who might not be too familiar with your work. Can you tell us more about yourself? Hi! My name is Monica La Porta and I write paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, and science fiction romance under my name. As a reader, I prefer love stories, so when I started my career as a writer, my storyteller compass led me straight to pen epic tales about star-crossed lovers. I have been writing all my […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Monica La Porta

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Bound by Water: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Pisces by Monica La Porta Sometimes, water ignites fiery passions… The only merman shifter alive, Atreides is a famous painter, rich, and sophisticated. In his spare time, he helps the police recover stolen art. A mere human—although exceedingly strong-willed—Ariel is an accomplished art thief who has sworn never to steal again. Until she’s forced to repay her father’s substantial debts, and the only way out is robbing an Etruscan artifact. One night, they meet. He isn’t looking for a soulmate, and she doesn’t have time for a relationship. Yet, it only takes one passionate kiss under the full moon to intertwine their fates. Unfortunately, there’s a werewolf biker gang on their heels, and they won’t leave Atreides and Ariel alone. Will love triumph over a bunch of enraged shifters? Bound by Water: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Pisces is available now at the following: Amazon

New Release: Bound by Water: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Pisces by Monica La Porta