Roxanne Witherell

paranormal romance title - missing mate
This excerpt is part of our New Release Excerpt series where authors send us the first chapter of their new release so you- fans of paranormal romance fiction- can sample before you (hopefully) buy! Available from Amazon Release Date: June 4th Synopsis Jessica Salone had a one night stand that resulted in twins. Years later, a hereditary issue arises. The only way to help her son is to get in touch with his father, who doesn’t even know the twins exist. Facing her regrets head on, she takes her twins to the resort where it all started.Will Alexander reject them? Will Jessica find the answers she needs? Or will she be thrown into a world of the unknown. Alexander Jamison is trying to find information as to why unknown shifters have been in the area. When he hears that a woman called asking questions, he is suspicious. Is something in his past catching up to him? Could the timing be a coincidence or is there something more sinister going on? Chapter 1 Jessica Jessica was glad the day was coming to an end. She had been at a birthday party all afternoon with her children. Three year old twins, Michael and Madison were in the backseat screaming over a balloon. They started out with two balloons but Michael rolled down the window and his balloon flew out before Jessica could get the window back up. Now Michael is screaming for Madison’s balloon. Thankfully it didn’t take long for Madison to […]

New Release Excerpt: Missing Mate (O’Neil Pack Series) by Roxanne Witherell