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Download your copy at Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo New Paranormal Romance Release: Lost With Leo (Middlemarch Capture Book 3) by Shelley Munro Driven by revenge. Felled by a woman… Leo Mitchell wants to contribute to the operating expenses of the new family-run Middlemarch resort, which specializes in capture fantasies for female guests. Betrys Torin offers what Leo thinks is a wonderful opportunity, but in reality is potentially deadly. He hungers for vengeance. A capture might be the perfect payback… To protect her son, Betrys must procure men for her alien employer Iseult Orna. She hates her job and loathes the guilt she feels at trapping the sexy Leo into signing an irrevocable contract. Even worse, she has started dream walking and sharing passionate sex with the gorgeous man. She’s smitten, yet knows they have no future, because when Iseult catches up with Leo, he’ll die. Inside scoop: Iseult’s appetites for men are extreme. Because of that experience, shifter Leo starts out as a sourpuss, but Betrys knows he’s just the cat’s meow. Previously published under the same title. New Paranormal Romance Release: Lost With Leo (Middlemarch Capture Book 3) is available now at Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo

New Paranormal Romance Release: Lost With Leo (Middlemarch Capture Book 3) by Shelley Munro

Download your copy at Amazon Favored by Felix (Middlemarch Capture Book 2) by Shelley Munro A new resort specializing in capture fantasies—the perfect place for Captain Casey Seonaid to blow off steam. To embrace her feminine side, possibly for the last time. And just as she’d hoped, it’s not long before she finds herself “kidnapped” and on a big adventure. Let the sexual hijinks begin. Attractive yet with an air of sadness, Casey snares feline shapeshifter Felix Mitchell’s attention at first sight. As feelings deepen, he comes to realize Casey just may be his perfect mate. But despite their shared passion, something is amiss with his intriguing lover, something that keeps her from giving herself fully…something she won’t share. Unexpected troubles plague the resort, drawing the couple ever closer. But the biggest danger comes when soldier Casey finally shares her secret, revealing a familial enemy—and his shocking plans for Casey’s military future. Inside Scoop: Felix may look big and bad, but Casey knows her shifter mate is just a big pussycat. Note: this book was previously published under the same title. Favored by Felix (Middlemarch Capture Book 2) is available now at Amazon

New Paranormal Romance Release: Favored by Felix (Middlemarch Capture Book 2) by Shelley Munro

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Welcome to Day 12 of Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Festive Countdown! Today we’re featuring authors Shelley Munro and A.B. Bloom! Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what new goodies we have in store for you! My Scarlet Woman by Shelley Munro Price: .99 cents Available: From today till December 31st Prize: Middlemarch Shifters e-book Bundle! How To Enter: Readers can enter the draw to win the Middlemarch Shifters e-book bundle by telling me what they want to find under their Christmas tree in the comments section of this post. I will come back the next day to announce the winner in the comments section of this post. “One perfect night of passion… Emily Scarlet’s husband left her for his secretary and died in a car accident—all on the same day. Now, six months later, Emily has emerged from her chrysalis of painful memories. And to prove she has what it takes to attract a man, she’s determined to experience one perfect night of passion. Feline shapeshifter, Saber Mitchell has a problem with his four boisterous younger brothers. They’re out of control. It’s too late for him, but he hopes to get his brothers mated and settled, and the ball is the place to introduce them to marriageable women. Unbridled sex is the last thing he plans on, but one glimpse of Emily Scarlet changes his mind. Sex with her is a necessity. They dance. They make love. One thing is clear—a single night isn’t enough. Saber must have her […]

Festive Countdown Day 12 Featuring Shelley Munro & A.B. Bloom!

Author Shelley Munro
Today, we have an interview with Shelly Munro, author of the House of The Cat, Middlemarch Shifters, and Dragon Investigators series. Her current catalog of books include: My Scarlet Woman, 1: Middlemarch Shifters My Younger Lover, 2: Middlemarch Shifters My Peeping Tom, 3: Middlemarch Shifters My Assassin, 4: Middlemarch Shifters My Estranged Lover, 5: Middlemarch Shifters My Feline Protector, 6: Middlemarch Shifters My Determined Suitor, 7: Middlemarch Shifters Captured & Seduced, 1: House of the Cat Claimed & Seduced, 2: House of the Cat Merry & Seduced, 2.5: House of the Cat Stranded & Seduced 2.75: House of the Cat Seized & Seduced, 3: House of the Cat Hunted & Seduced, 4: House of the Cat Festive & Seduced, 5: House of the Cat Blue Moon Dragon, 1: Dragon Investigators and many others! She is currently working on a new story for her Middlemarch Shifters series, and another for her House of Cat series as well as a super secret project that we can all look forward to sometime soon. In this interview, Shelley talks about her writing process, her new series, and more. Enjoy! Tell us a little about yourself and your background? I’m a typical Sagittarian who suffers from itchy feet and who loves to go off on adventures. Luckily, my long-suffering husband enjoys travel as much as I do, so we head off on our adventures to different parts of the world as often as the budget will allow. When I’m at home, my time is spent writing and completing my virtual assistant duties with my partner-in-crime, […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Shelley Munro