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Love letters from your favorite romance heroes! Do you ever read a romance novel and wish you could revisit your favorite couples to see how they’re doing? Well, now is your chance! Take a look at the beautiful love letters from our sexiest heroes to their sweethearts!   My beautiful Fae, I told myself I wasn’t going to fall in love again. Ever. It’ll hurt too much to lose you, and I’m not sure I can survive that again. Losing Master was like having my heart ripped out one cell at a time. To have you taken from me would make me wish for that happiness. You see, Fae, you’ve made it into places in my heart he never touched. Places I didn’t know existed. Places that are dangerous for a Loks male to acknowledge. I stay quiet to protect you, to keep you safe. Even writing this letter—that you’ll never see because I’m burning it when I’m done, and I’m not sure you can read my language anyway—puts you in danger. There are people who don’t want this planet to be Lok’ma. And they’ll stop at nothing to make sure everything you’ve found remains buried. I can’t let that happen. I can’t let you be destroyed. I can’t go back to Titan or Athen with you, and return to being a slave after I’ve learned we were once free. I never really believed the stories before you. Now? I know in my soul they’re true. Not just because you’ve […]

Love Letters from your Favorite Romance Heroes Featuring Authors Rachel Leigh Smith, Sylvina Storm & Lisa Carlisle

Sylvina Storm 2
  Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today, Sylvina. As an author, I know how precious each minute of every day is. If you’re not familiar with Sylvina’s work, you might want to check out her Aliens, Myths, & Magic series. Pre-Destined (the prequel) is available free to her newsletter subscribers, and Book One- Destined, will be available at all retailers on 8/10/15, but can be pre-ordered at Amazon and Kobo now. The Paranormal Ménage Erotica series is set in the modern world, but as Ryleigh discovers, they aren’t all human. The Intarans have visited Earth for millennia, and they’re the source of every myth, legend and fairy tale. If you have any questions, or would like to make a comment, please feel free to do so. We love author/reader interaction here! And remember, to subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar to the right to receive first hand news about special promotions and great deals in your inbox.   Please tell us about yourself. I’ve been writing since middle school. Remember the kid walking in the halls with their nose in a book, bumping into everyone without a care in the world? Yeah, that was me. Every moment I had, I was in the library reading or writing in my notebooks. By the time I decided to sit down and write my first novel in 2008, I had several boxes of notes to decipher. I wonder what my teachers thought of all those plot ideas in […]

Interview with Author Sylvina Storm!