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The Continuing Rise of eBooks

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(Source: The BookSeller)

It is fantastic that print publishing is seeing a resurgence, but why does it have to be at the expense of e-book publishing? Why are both formats not celebrated together? Surely every sale of a book should be celebrated, as should a general increase in reading on all formats. It seems that some publishers, particularly some of those working at the heads of the larger publishing houses are still eager to see e-books fail, and seem almost gleeful when they report that their e-book sales are stalling. It is time to stop looking down your nose at e-books and start looking to the future, because, like it or not, e-books are here to stay – just as much as paper books are.

Despite the lack of eBook sales data, the data that is available shows that eBooks are not slowing down. Print had a great year last year as did eBooks. This article takes a look at the data that is available for eBook sales from the bigger publishers and gives a clearer snapshot of eBook sales.

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